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Emilia C and Gilbert.

Night of the Sorcerers - Uncut Version - Whoops! The final scene shows an inmate chained in a standing spreadeagle wearing black shorts and a black sports bra.

Nude For Satan - There's a scene at the 44 minute mark Chapter 7 of the DVD involving the servant girl Iolanda Mascitti who is punished for pleasing her mistress Rita Calderoni with too much lesbian affection. Later another slave is whipped by her mistress. Naked ankita lokhande. They first paddle her, then they unzip the back of her dress and whip her back.

There are actually two completely different edits of this scene, in one version the woman is topless in another she is wearing a black dress. Whipped women nude. She is tortured by a dominatrix villain Kala who whips her with a cat o' nine tails.

No bondage, they just stand there and take their punishment. Female Market - This has to be one of the most misogynistic movies ever made! Her arms are tied up so the feet can just touch the ground. The scene is at the beginning of the movie. Hyde - Both the 30's version with Frederich March and the 40's version with Spencer Tracy have similar scenes in which Ivy shows Jekyll the whip marks that Hyde has given her.

After the whipping, we see the woman painfully crawl to the bathroom. Has a brief scene with a topless women being whipped in a dungeon. A woman is hung up by her wrists and whipped. Ricky whittle nude video. Her bottom which we know must be well marked is still smarting. Detention Girls - Yay! Thanks Pathfinder How could I have forgotten this one? She is given a savage lashing by one of the prison officials while her fellow prisoners are forced to watch.

She squirms and cries under each lash. Dressurakt fuer Wilde Maedchen - Know nothing about this one, but I saw it on another list. Griffith film, a German officer whips Lillian Gish for not working fast enough. Mole People, The - Has a brief scene where a servant girl is whipped for spilling water. Maniac Nurses - In this silly comedy from Troma, a woman Mercedes Klein clad only in bra and panties, is whipped across her tits for about a minute until she passes out.

Hairy BrunetteDildo and Whip. This is only a very minor scene with mild strapping done in a playful manner. After arranging a tryst with him, she just plays games and as he advances toward her she picks up a switch from a pile and pushes him away with the tip.

Hitler's Children aka The Hitler Gang - Cute Bonita Granville gets tied to a post, has the back of her dress ripped, and is whipped for betraying the Nazis. He doesn't cut her down and she hangs there until the sheriff who whipped her fetches her and takes her back to her cell.

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Griffith film, a German officer whips Lillian Gish for not working fast enough. She's given a few blows of the bullwhip by Margaret, played Rosanna Schiaffino. Black lesbians kissing each other. Nightmare in Badham County - Theatrical Version - In the theatrical version, which was shown overseas and on cable, a woman Denise Dillaway is stripped naked and whipped on her ass with a belt.

If anyone has more info on this film I'd love to hear about it.

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Was a nice dramatic moment though. Pretty good scene in an otherwise lackluster WIP flick. Isabella, Duchess of the Devils aka Ms. Whipped women nude. She's taken to the basement, forced to strip, and tied with her arms spread wide. There's just a ridiculous number of whipping scenes in this one.

The redeemable aspect of this film is in the primal cries of pain and facial expressions of the victim as she backs away to escape the lashes. Then later, as she recooperates from the whipping, she pulls up her bloody top to reveal several nasty bloody welts on her back. Sylvia mcfarland nude pics. I just mention this because the video box makes it look like the lovely Patricia Medina is going to get whipped.

The whipped brunette gets the worst of it. You would think for a cheapo movie like this they could get a girl to take a real beating. I have one of his albums, and it's better than any of his films ever were! These scenes are all shit, by the way! Congress Dances - the little glove maker Lillian Harvey, an English women who spoke perfect German is sentenced to be whipped on her bare behind, but is saved at the last minute by no less a personage than the the king himself Willy Fritsch.

The king takes a bullwhip and is about to strike her across the back when he wimps out. I've seen a less explicit version of this scene online which eliminates a lot of the bloody strikes of the whip and completely censors the actual nailing to the cross. She is tied to a post and is topless for much of the scene. Has a scene where a female is whipped by a woman as her mistress watches. Botany Bay - An old woman is whipped as punishment after having a bit of the top of her dress ripped off.

Another woman is made to kneel over a pig trough and given some lashes on her back with a bullwhip. There are a couple of other brief scenes, but it's nothing to whip home about. Lesbian sex hollywood. Lust Weekend - There are various whippings of both sexes in this sixties sex film.

A 'hero' shows up to rescue her, and to tell her she shouldn't be involved in such things. Nothing more is shown. Roundup, The - Hungary Always nice to see that this type of stuff can still make it to the big screen - and in a film marketed to young adults no less. Possessed, The - Many movies by this name.

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